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SDCC Day 5 of 5 Blog: Thoughts on Screaming for Ice Cream

I’m sitting here in Houston, exploring Texas a bit before I head to Austin for an amazing AP time! I’ve already had some great BBQ, and I’ve sat by the pool catching some southern rays.

But before I can really enjoy Texas this week, what I really need to do is wrap up SDCC in my Day 5 of 5 blog.

What is my focus? You ask…

I’m going to give you a list of items that struck me at SDCC (and after) that I did not get a chance to mention in earlier SDCC blogs or did not think about until now.


1.) If you see someone at an artist alley or at a booth exploring the merchandise…please let them look if they got there before you. Do not barge in on them and start flipping through the art that they are checking out. You are in the way, and you are possibly keeping an artist from making a sale…because I walked away when you kept piling art on me…when I finally found a nice section of the show FLOOR THAT WASN’T CRAZY!

2.) Fresh fish tacos…get some in San Diego.

3.) Go to artist alley and support some artists. Not just the ones that you know. Explore artist alley at every show and try to engage in some discussions with artists, especially newer peeps trying to get their comic or book out there. You will meet some cool people, and you might even make a cool new friend. I know that I use artist alley every year at either C2E2 or Wizard World Chicago to find and secure an artist to design the speech team shirts for my school.

4.) Get out there! If you are interested in presenting at a con about whatever inspires you, put in a panel submission and hope for the best. Comics in the classroom is my bag, and I’d be happy to help you shape proposals, just let me know. If Ronell and I had not decided to start putting in submissions, we would not have been able to present with the amazing people that we have, and we would not have grown as quickly as we have as teachers either.

5.) Don’t feel bad if you leave the show floor without seeing everything. There is plenty to do at Comic Con, and if the craziness of the show floor bugs you, trust me, you are not alone.

6.) Don’t be afraid to hit the convention by yourself. At times, friends can slow you down, but it’s not just that. You might have different ideas of what you want to do, but in order to keep the peace, one of you does not do what you want. When I go to a Chicago show, I try to go one day alone, just to do me. Or I go with my guy Tim because he gets it, and we meet up for lunch…that’s usually it.

7.) I did see some members of the King of the Nerds cast out on the streets of San Diego. I left them alone…wish I would have gotten a pic, but see my earlier posts…don’t take pics in massive crowds!

8.) Free Scream Queens ice cream is not worth the wait, and no, I will not scream into your iPad camera for the ice cream. I will look mildly terrified into the camera for the ice cream.

9.) Try not to be bitter about the Scream Queens people trying to get you to scream into the camera. They are just trying to get you to have a little fun.

10.) If you say you are going to do 5 blog posts in 5 days, try your best to stick to that number and deadline, but if you can’t, at least get it done!

OK, that’s all.

Please look forward to blog entries later in the week about the Advanced Placement Conference in Austin. If you are going to be there, let me know. I’d love to chat!

Happy reading!