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Ragman: A Guest Review

I’m not going to lie, when one of my students came up to me with this comics in his hand…


and asked me to read it, I was like “Whaaaaaaaa?” This cover is strange. Some creepy figure in front of Auschwitz…I was taken back a bit, but I saw the DC on the cover, and I decded to give it a read, especially since my student was fairly passionate about the character. That night I read my first Ragman comic, and I dug it. What appears below is Mike J’s review of Ragman, and I dig that too, but what I love most about what you are about to read is Mike’s intro story to comics. As I meet more and more comic fans, I realize that most of us have a “hooked into comics” story, and I hope to not only explore those stories with my friends, family, and those I meet, but I hope to be that story for a next generation of comic readers.

With that, I give you Mike’s awesome review and “hooked into comics” story.


Growing up I never had any real interest in comic books, however, I did have an interest in the protagonist of these comic books. Growing up I can remember falling in love with Batman and his heroics that saved Gotham City a countless number times, but the Dark Knight’s heroism was never able to top my unconditional love for Spider Man. I think I was drawn to Spider Man so much because of his underdog status. His determination to continue to battle evil is what drew me to him as a kid. My interest in the world of comic books and superheroes wasn’t fully realized until one day I had stumbled upon what would be one of my favorite superheroes.

My introduction to the world of comics happened at what now seems to be a peculiar place. While on vacation with my family we had stopped at a gas station in Michigan, just as you would picture any average American family doing. I, only being around the age of 13, had made my way into the gas station and over to the rack of magazines and other assorted literature. On the bottom shelf of this shabby looking magazine rack, my eyes were instantly drawn to comic book in a plastic sleeve with an enticing price sticker of only three dollars. Being very young and not having a lot of money, this was a bargain. A little car ride entertainment for the low cost of three dollars was my stepping stone into the world of comics. With no knowledge of what I had just bought, I remember immediately being captivated by the cover of a Ragman comic.

My interest in comics from that point only increased, later in my life I was given the chance to read the rest of the comics in this particular series. This series is one of my favorites due to how different it is and just how cool the Ragman really is.

The Ragman is a Jewish super hero whose suit is made out the souls of evildoers that he absorbed. This aspect of the Ragman alone is incredible. The fact that Ragman is Jewish makes him stand out even more because the DC universe has very few Jewish super heroes. Ragman’s ability to absorb the souls of evildoers is special because once he does that, he can use their strength. So for example, if he absorbs the soul of a very good fighter, he is then able to use the ability of the fighter. This concept makes Ragman a very interesting character because the stronger the villains are that he defeats, the stronger he will become. This makes him very versatile and adaptive.

Ragman also takes place in the comic book city of Gotham where Batman resides. This makes for appearances by Batman. The combination of the two heroes in the same city makes for some of the more interesting story elements in Ragman.

I personally really like the story that is told in Ragman, the story is similar to Batman: he is a vigilante trying to clean the streets of Gotham. He too had one of his parents killed from street thugs in Gotham and then decided to fight crime. These similarities really help to make Ragman a cool character, but he also has a lot of standout traits that make him much different than a Batman.

The story of Ragman is very short, and I wish that it would’ve lasted longer than it did, but in the short time that it takes to read it, you’ll enjoy every bit of it. Although I only have a limited knowledge of comic’s, Ragman has stood out to me, and I really enjoy the series that was made. I am very excited to explore the world of comics more and am so thankful of this comic for opening my eyes to this amazing art form.