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Picture The Satire!

This week I’d like to feature some student headlines from an “Onion” type article activity that we did in class.  In analyzing satire, we wrote a College Board AP prompt dealing with the ridiculousness of advertising.  To drive the satire home, I had the students create satirical concepts and write headlines for satirical articles, and they had to find an image that accompanied the headline.  In doing so, we discussed the power of images and how they add to what news sources try to do.  What follows are a few of my favorites from my AP classes.  Wish I had time to post them all!  I hope you dig them.  I hope you do not get offended…remember, this is satire.

Matt: “Killer Whales Boycott the Term ‘Blackfish’ as Racist”


Vlad: “America Celebrates Its Fourth Consecutive Day Without A School Shooting”


Grace: “School Bully Feels Left Out When Friends Bully Local Nerd Without Him”

Sad or depressed boy sitting in playground swing


Conner: “Apple To Release New Car That’s Powered By Texting”

text drive


Alison: “Local White Teen Confused By Black History Month”

sad kid


Reilly: “Kid Permanently Stuck In Dab Position”



Brian: “Flint Michigan Lowers Drinking Age So Children Can Stay Hydrated”

kid beer

Mary: “Teenage boy rushed to hospital claiming his ‘fire’ mix tape burned him.”




Issa: “Out of Shape Mom Breaks Neck Whipping, Never Gets to Nae Nae”


Veronica: “Chicago Starts Anti-Bullying Campaign After Students Continue to ‘Hit Quan’”


Derrick: “Man Put In Charge of Struggling Feminist Movement”