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Graphic Novel Review 73/365: We Stand On Guard – Brian K. Vaughan Week!

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Brian K. Vaughan Week continues with a title that wasn’t anywhere near my favorite BKV title, but it’s an interesting concept, and peeps that I know have loved it!

Title: We Stand On Guard 

Author(s): Brian K. Vaughan, Steve Skroce

Publisher: Image (2015)

Age Rating: 17+

We Stand On Guard takes place in the year 2112, and America has invaded Canada for natural resources.  The story follows a group of Canadian troops trying to survive in a world that has been occupied by American forces.

My absolute favorite thing about this book is the art.  Canadian artist Steve Skroce does a fantastic job with the pages, and the detail is top-notch.  Honestly, this is the first BKV book that I’ve read where I liked the art more than the writing.  If you ask me what I didn’t like about the writing, I couldn’t give you big swatches of reasoning.  I simply felt that the concept and art overshadowed the story.  Check out this page:

Clean, cool, crisp.

The story does go to some dark places for which I was not ready.  And I think that was another thing that slightly soured me to the book.  But it’s OK that I didn’t fall in love with the book.  I still read it, and it’s interesting.  That’s the thing about BKV, I know that whatever I read from him will not be boring.  Sort of like Stephen King…for me at least.  Even if I read something of his that I don’t totally dig, I know it’ll at least be unique and not lazy.  That’s the staple of a good writer: uniqueness.  God knows those of us that try to write often attempt to be unique to no avail.  And I applaud BKV even when I’m not digging one of his stories.

If you’re a fan of war, big machines, and Canada, this one might be for you!

Happy reading!


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