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Graphic Novel Review 134/365: Generations

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This week I am pleased to bring you a collection of reviews of books from the Lion Forge family. I was luck enough to spend a bit of time with the great people at Lion Forge last weekend at NCTE, and their discount at the show was too good for me to pass up! Luckily for me, the books I’ve read so far have been super cool, and I look forward to sharing them with you throughout the week…

Title: Generations

Author(s): Flavia Biondi

Publisher: Lion Forge Comics (2017)

Age Rating: 18+

Generations is Flavia Biondi’s first graphic novel published in English.  I just might go learn Italian in order to read her first three!

This powerful tale of family, uncertainty, growing up, and redemption follows Matteo as he comes home after three years in Milan in the wake of a failed relationship.

Matteo, avoiding his father, moves in with his grandmother, a flock of aunts, and his pregnant cousin.  Attempting to find his place in a new yet familiar world, Matteo takes a position as his grandmother’s caregiver to help him find purpose and direction.

This black and white tale is fairly straight forward in its construction.  Its power lies in the emotional third act.  As Matteo faces his past, his life unfolds in ways that remind us of our humanity and mortality.  A hopeful resolution comes at the end of a well-paced journey that, at times, keeps the reader skeptical about the fate of young Matteo.  The book is beautiful with not much physical action which speaks to the elegant nature of the dialogue and character interactions.  Rich in familial relationships, you will discover a relationship in the book that speaks to you.

I have rated this book 18+ because of the mature themes, language, and the Lion Forge rating on the book, but this is an important book that could be read by slightly younger readers with adult supervision.

Matteo, as we find out early in the book, is gay, and we also quickly discover that his move away from home and into his relationship is against his father’s wishes.  In 2017, it’s odd to think that some might find a gay character to be controversial, but unfortunately, it still is for some, and Matteo’s sexual orientation plays a large role in the story.

Grab this beautiful book, and do not be surprised if you end up needing a few tissues by the time you are done reading it.

Happy reading!


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