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Graphic Novel Review 254/365: It Girl and The Atomics

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Here’s a hero book for hero fans looking for a change of pace.

Title: It Girl and The Atomics 

Author(s): Jamie S. Rich, Mike Norton, Allen Passalaqua, Crank!

Publisher: Image Comics (2013)

Age Rating: 13+

This trade comes from single issues that originally ran in 2012.  And it is a continuation of Madman and The Atomics.

An alien spore transformed a group of people here on Earth into heroes with different abilities.  Some of the heroes have been traveling the galaxy touring in a band…It Girl and The Atomics tells the story of the heroes that did not go rocking across the galaxy but decided to stay on Earth to battle evil peeps.

The story revolves around It Girl, a scantily-clad woman that has the power to take on the physical structure of whatever matter she touches.  She loves playing a hero RPG video game called Dark Streets as It Girl because heroing in video games is just easier.

The book spans six-issues of the comic, and a lot happens.  We get introduced to other members of the team, we get some familial back story (including meeting It Girl’s murderous sister), and some interesting animal-themed villains are tossed in the mix as well.  Overall, this hero book is pretty par for the hero-book course: fun action, bright colors, outrageous characters.  I don’t know if I need to go back and read past Atomics books or future Atomics books, for I am already sort of tired of the genre, unless it’s an incredibly stellar book, but for a pal looking to explore a hero avenue that might have gone unnoticed, this is a fun book from a company that does not publish a ton of hero books.

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