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Graphic Novel Review 286/365: Captain Marvel

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Today ends Hero Week.  We’ve had some laughs, and if you’ve seen Infinity War, maybe some cries.  And we shall end the week with an Easter Egg of sorts from Infinity War with a review of 2015’s Captain Marvel written by Kelly Sue DeConnick.

Title: Captain Marvel 

Author(s): Kelly Sue DeConnick and David Lopez

Publisher: Marvel Comics (2015)

Age Rating: 13+

Not knowing much about the character other than Brie Larson will be playing Carol Danvers in the 2019 Captain Marvel film, I was excited to get into this one!  And while I do think that Captain Marvel is a pretty cool character, this run is a bit blah for me.

The art is good; typical Marvel hero art…not much originality to it but still solid and better than than a lot of what I’ve read; Marvel knows hot hire artists.  But there are two things about the book that slow down my excitement, and these are for sure personal issues that you might not experience:

1.) The book is filled with political intrigue.  I had enough of this type of space council talk in Clone Wars, and just having seen Infinity War yesterday, I wanted smash-’em-up space mayhem, and I got a lot of dialogue.  Maybe just something I didn’t need this weekend, but it felt for a first trade, knowing that many readers will come into this book as their first experience with Captain Marvel, I could have used more back-story and action, showing us her powers.  Had the same issue with the Black Bolt Vol. 1.

2.) The Guardians of the Galaxy are in this trade, helping out Captain Marvel, but while they are composed of the same grouping as the films, the characters seem…off.  Gamora is strangely not invested, Rocket is not as endearing/humorous as he usually is, Groot looks like a weird alien, Star Lord and Drax come off as one-dimensional.  I’ve grown to love that cast of characters, and if I did not know them, maybe I would have been OK with what I got, but this bunch is lacking the personality and gusto that I’ve grown accustom.

I think I need to go find me another Captain Marvel.  It’s strange.  I usually love DeConnick’s writing.  Sometimes, you find a disconnect reading the authors you love, and that’s OK.  Check it out for yourself.  Let me know what you think!

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