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Graphic Novel (or lack there of) Review 348/365: A Review of Travel

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I’m sitting in my house; it’s 6:01 PM.  I left Barcelona, Spain this morn at 3:00 AM Barcelona time, so really, it feels like it’s 1:00 AM right now here in Chicago.

Keep in mind that I traveled for twenty hours today to get home.  And I was in Denver for Comic Con directly before my trip to Europe.  I have not driven in two and a half weeks.  I haven’t been home until now for seventeen days: my longest span away from home ever.  I’ve had amazing experiences over the last two and a half weeks, some of which have left a deep impressions on me.

So here’s my review of traveling for seventeen days straight capped off with a twenty-hour journey today: it’s a beautiful pain.  Nothing worth having comes easy.  I have lots to say about my travels, but my streak is alive (don’t know how I found the strength to write this right now…), and I’m going to bed.  Yes, at 6:11 PM.

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