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New Comic Book Day Six: The Four Issues

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It’s Wednesday!  That means four new #1s that dropped today, reviewed for your pleasure.

Catwoman Tweety & Sylvester from DC Comics

Written by Gail Simone; Illustrated by Inaki Miranda; Colored by Eva De La Cruz

This week, DC decided to go back to the DC/Loony Tunes crossover event.  I didn’t read the first chunk of ’em, but my buddy Ronell was really juiced on the Batman Elmer Fudd issue, so I thought, what the heck!  And I bought two of the new issues to review.

This Catwoman book is the jump-in point.  The issue describes how/why the crossover event started, and I must say, it’s ridiculous.  And I do not mean that in a good way.  The entire issue consists of the cat-creature-themed characters from the DC universe along with Sylvester the Cat fighting the bird-creature-themed characters from DC along with Tweety, and the losing faction will all die.


I got tired of this story real quick.  I have to admit…I didn’t even make it to the back matter or the “That’s All Folks” text.  I love the writing of Gale Simone, but not this issue.  I’m impressed with the amount of story in the $4.99 single issue, I guess.  And the art is good, but that story got me giving this issue away to the first student that expresses interest.


The Joker/Daffy Duck from DC Comics

Written by Scott Lobdell; Illustrated by Brett Booth; Inked by Norm Rapmund

So then I got to this.  With my expectations as low as they could possibly be, and the realization that for $4.99, I better open and read the dang book, I proceeded into the Joker/Daffy Duck book.

This issue, to my joy, was miles better then that Catwoman issue.  The story slow-playes Daffy becoming the head henchman for the Joker by simply being a smart-ass.  I really dug how the characters interacted.  They felt true, and it showed in the writing.  Daffy ends up realizing that the Joker might not be the guy he had hoped and attempts to foil a dastardly plan.

The back matter is also quite goofy: a little cherry on the lop-sided cupcake.


House Amok from Black Crown

Written by Christopher Sebela; Illustrated by Shawn McManus

If you are not familiar with Black Crown, as I was not before today, you will be happy to know that it is an imprint of IDW.  Their Vertigo, as Comic Book Tim from Alternate Reality tells me.

This issue is interesting.  Following a family of five as they flee something fairly creepy that the reader is left in the dark about, this boldly-colored issue looks like a YA adventure book, until you get to the blood and gore.

It’s one of those stories that I’m sure will unfold into something better than this first issue lets on, but the ending leaves a good hook, and if it not for another IDW connected title, this one would have made my pull list, but “That’s the waaaaaay the news goes!”


Rick and Morty Vs. Dungeons & Dragons from IDW/Oni Press

Written by Patrick Rothfuss and Jim Zub; Illustrated by Troy Little; Colored by Leonardo Ito

No question…Best of the Four this week goes to a book that takes two of my favorite things and mashes them together with love, grossness, and a little 3d6 +2.

Fans of Rick and Morty…and D&D will EAT THIS UP!  D&D is seeing a huge swell right now, and many of the people finding its resurgence are Rick and Morty fans, making this a comic sure to please.  It reads like an issue of the show, and the D&D allusions are thick; non-players will not get some of the references.

The plot is simple: Morty wants to learn to play D&D to impress a girl, and in the process of allowing Rick to help him, all hell breaks lose.

Added to the pull list.

Get the “Cover B.”  It’s Morty’s character sheet.


At the end of these Wednesday posts, I’m also going to be keeping a running list of the “Best of the Four” publisher wins!  Here you go.  Six weeks in…IDW/Oni Press on the board!  Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!

BOOM! Studios: 2

Image: 2

Marvel: 1

IDW: 1

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Happy reading!