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Storytelling Is Not Dead: Stories For Adults

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Hey, everyone!  I’ve been asked on more than one occasion to give recommendations for books that would be especially good for adults.  Adults looking to get into the medium; adults looking for new stuff to read; adults looking to teach graphic novels to adult students.

The short response is…my list is long!  BUT I will respond to this request in three blog posts, each with 10 titles, and I will post one each Thursday for the next three weeks.

Most of the 30 titles I have reviewed for during my 365 quest, so I’ll give a brief description of the book and a link to my original review.  At the end of each post, I’ll also link to my Top of the 365 list.  Feel free to use that list as well to build upon your graphic novel/comic base.

There is no order here.  Just 10/30 books that I feel would be great for adult readers.  I will break them up into more traditional story and those that are a bit more avant garde.

The following five titles are more traditional in story telling and construction.

The March series

One of the most powerful and influential graphic novel series to ever hit the shelves, March is the story of Rep. John Lewis and his experiences during the American Civil Rights Movement.  Read my thoughts and reflections here.



I loved this book.  It reads like an emotional HBO or SHO original series, following a group of people whose lives twist and turn into each other.  Check out my review here.


Fun Home

Made into an award-winning Broadway show, Fun Home is the true tale of a family dealing with tragedy, while struggling to relate to one another.  Review here.



One of my favs of the 365, Here looks at what happens “here” over the course of thousands of years.  With little text, other than the year where “here” is happening in the upper corner of each panel, this book is sure to be unlike any text you have ever opened.  Check my review here.


Anything by Chaboute

I’ve reviewed three Christophe Chaboute titles over my 365, and they are all amazing: Alone; Park Bench; and Moby Dick.  Each is filled with large black and white panels with brilliant use of perspective and setting.  I’ve linked all of my reviews to the titles above.


The following five title are a bit more avant garde.

To Be Happy

A strange book about the nature of happiness.  Each person will take something unique away from this graphic novel.  Review here.


A.D. After Death 

Anyone new to comics or graphic novels will find the amazing pair of Snyder and Lemire to be difficult to put down.  This half prose/half graphic novel might be the perfect entry point for those readers new to the medium that appreciate complex story.  Review here.



For the animal lovers in the house, We3 is a heartbreaking story about how far we go for security and success.  Animals are turned into military weapons in this tragic tale.  And they talk.  So get ready for an emotional, bloody ride.  Review here.


The Vision 

The only hero book on the first chunk of ten.  The Vision is more than a hero book: it’s an allegory about the nature of suburban life and acceptance.  This would be a great hero book for people that think they don’t like hero books.



I wanted to put a Daniel Clowes book on the list.  Clowes is a master of absurdity in realistic setting, and if you are not familiar with his work and you are interested in getting to know more about the medium, you should check him out.  You can start with Patience, but all of his work is great.  He’s an American master of the medium.  Review of Patience here.

There you go, friends…ten titles for the adults in your life!  I hope this list is helpful.  Stop back next Thursday for the next 10 in the series.  I got you!

Here is the list of my favs from my 365.

Happy reading!


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