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Storytelling Is Not Dead: 500 Comics of Summer – Post 2

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And you can follow my day by day of my 500 Comics of Summer by clicking here.

That’s right, by the end of September, I will have read over 500 single issues and be sort of caught up on my comics reading!

Yesterday I finished the fantastic Image Comics title Shutter.  30 issues of goodness, an amazing was to kick off the 500.

An interesting tale of self-growth and family drama coated in strange creatures, end of the world craziness, and a sentient cat alarm clock.  Lots of F-Bombs and a few panels of nudity will keep this one out of the hands of kids, but for adults it’s complex story-telling off the pages of an HBO script, but I’m not sure an HBO budget could cover the special-effects.

I am going to be selling my run of this series.  I will post the issues on FB and Twitter.  If you are interested, I’m parting with all issues (including variant covers) for $50.00, including shipping.  First come, first served.  I’ll let you know when they are sold.

Keep checking back for 500 Comics of Summer updates!  I can’t wait to dive into the next series…Sex Criminals maybe…or finish my run of Manifest Destiny??


Happy reading!


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