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The 500 Comics Of Summer Has Ended And Other Topics

Hello, everyone!

If you read my title, then you know that I have ended my quest to read 500 comics from June-September.

Why?  The short answer: I started a new job in a new district.  I’m now a department chair of two departments (art and music) as well as teaching three classes, so learning a new teacher system as well as learning a new admin system, while helping my teams and students…needless to say, I’m swamped!

I have a belief that if something that’s supposed to be enjoyable becomes a burden, then stop.  So that’s what I’m doing.  Reading these issues became a chore, and I don’t want my love for reading comics to become a chore, so this quest has ended.  I know; I know…I did 365 posts in 365 days last year.  But I wasn’t starting a whole new job in a whole new district.  It was too much.

On the bright side, my new school is amazing!  The staff is supportive and friendly; the rest of the admin team has been great; and the kids are very similar to the students at my old school, so all of that, in this early school year is a major plus!  We even went axe throwing as an admin team-building exercise.  Of course, my team won…

Another reason that I dropped the 500 was simply because I have too many other things to read.  I’m reading books for my new classes, books other administrators have given me, and some dope comics that did not fit my 500.

I will keep you caught up on my new adventures.  Some of you know that I’ve been back from Japan for two weeks now, and I have not blogged about it; however, my weekly Sunday’s For Teachers posts are back, and next Sunday will focus on a topic that has been weighing on my mind for some time now: Tourist vs. Purist.  I hope you visit this page next Sunday evening as I attempt to make sense of my travels, American culture, and pizza??

Happy teaching!


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