This site is dedicated to comics, graphic novels, and the reading/teaching/analyzing of them.  I have reviews, resources, links to great articles, etc.  I hope you find something here that you dig and can use.  Please check out my Bio page for more about me.

Look around!  It’s not perfect, but I’m working on it a bit each day, and I hope you come back again.

Happy reading!




  1. Hi Eric, My name is Roland I’ve been looking for you cats for awhile. I thought I was alone in wanted to bring comics to the classroom. I found you through your interview on tall tale radio.

    I’m a professional musician, cartoonist and music educator for the last 15 years. I started a site called thinkingmusician.com. It’s an educational webcomic that teaches music and entrepreneurship for young musicians.

    I’ve written four music books and a fifth in the works. I also plan to create a guitar method graphic novel, the story is in development. I hated those music method books as a kid. If they were in comic form they would have been a lot more interesting.

    Thanks for this site, it’s really informative and hope to hear from you.


  2. Hello Eric, Check out this fantastic after school program that uses comics to improve language and health literacy. “Health Heroes” teaches kids about the benefits of exercise, healthy habits, nutrition and teamwork by engaging them to help co-author comic books. People can be a Superhero and help their KickStarter campaign, which is raising funds to print 20,000 free copies for distribution to schools, libraries and doctor’s offices. Please share our cause with your audience http://kck.st/1TwVw03

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