A kid at heart, I began reading comics when my dad would take me to the local candy store, when I was about 10, to pick up a few comics. I am an only child, and looking back, those comics most likely kept me out of my parents’ hair. But, a love developed, and now, I love comics more than ever! I have been teaching high school English for over 10 years, and over the course of my career, I’ve taught many comics and graphic novels. I have to thank an administration for being open to the art-form, but with the research that I’ve done, and the success that I’ve seen, there is no doubt that comics have a place in the classroom, and it takes dedicated peeps like us to solidify that place. I’m happy to be here, and I hope we can have some wonderful conversations.

I’m currently part of an amazing non-profit organization, The Comics Education Outreach, a program of Pop Culture Classroom.  We work to get graphic novels and planning materials for those graphic novels into the hands of teachers that need it.  Click the links above to find out more info on these great organizations.

The Other Comic Book Teacher
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P.S. If you are wondering about why “The Other,” my colleague, Ronell Whitaker is “The Comic Book Teacher.” You can find his amazing reviews at or follow him on twitter @MisterWhitaker


  1. Eric- It’s Mrs. Haan, your HS teacher. I just wanted to say that I’m so proud of you and your efforts to bring these titles to life. Good job! By the way, I teaching at Chicago Christian. David Z. alerted me to your blog. I investigated and am impressed!

  2. Hi Eric, thanks so much for such a glowing and appreciative review of our book, Operation Ajax! The stuff you focused on in your review was some of the stuff we worked the hardest on, and it’s really great to see it was working for you. Much appreciated.
    Mike de Seve

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