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Review: What Matters – A Wonder Care Story

Hey, everyone!

For those of you that have been reading my blog for a while, you might remember or have come across my review of Victor Dandridge and Justin Castaneda’s The Kinder Guardians: Vol. 1. You can read that review here.

Those guys have recently put out a Kinder Guardians short meant to help discuss everything from police force to the Black Lives Matter movement.

It is a short comic, and most of the exact detail from the past few weeks has been left out, but what is left is an amazing artifact that can open up some difficult conversations with not only young people but people of all ages.

Here is the link to purchase the high quality PDF for only $5.00, and all proceeds are going to the Black Lives Matters Movement.

I was honored that Justin sent me this to check out and review before it hit the web. Knowing how well those guys work together, I knew this was going to be great. And they cranked it out in one week!

Keep stopping back to this blog for more graphic novels and comics that you can read in reflection of these times. You can see some of my recent posts in the upper right of this page, or search my reviews link above to find more titles.

I hope you check this one out! It’s short, sweet, powerful, and timely. Give these guys a follow, and support local artists:

Victor Dandridge: @vantageinhouse

Justin Castaneda: @whenuwerelittle

Happy reading and teaching!


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