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Graphic Novel Review: Hotel Hero

Hey, friends!

Second graphic novel review of the week! Today we go to Hero Hotel from Yehudi Mercado.

If you were following my 365 reviews, you’d know that at number 266/365, I reviewed Mercado’s Sci Fu, which is an awesomely fun book! You can check out my review of that title by clicking here.

Hero Hotel has the same fun, silly art and popping colors that we expect from an All-Ages Yehudi book.

This is the normal version. I got the Deluxe, and the cover is blue, sooo…

The book centers around a group of characters that work at a vacation hotel frequented by heroes. From the image below, you can see that the heroes in this book are satirical versions of real superheroes; this adds to the humor of the work.

The book is broken up into bit-sized stories, primarily focused on Chet The Bellboy and his super-powered cat Boomer. The short story pieces allow this book to be easily shared with kids of all ages. Your child have a hard time with long stories? Cool. Just slap them with a four-pager.

This is one of those books that kids will love, but some of the humor will hit the adults differently. I’d compare it to Teen Titans Go in that way.

It’s full of heart and silliness. In a world packed with super-hero stories, it adds something new, and gives us reason to laugh at what has come before. I had not read a Yehudi book in some time, so when I reached out to him looking for where to go next, Yehudi pointed me to Hero Hotel and the book I will be reviewing tomorrow: Fun Fun Fun World.

So join me tomorrow as we continue not only a week of YA/All-Ages graphic novels, but also an exploration of the works of the amazing Yehudi Mercado. If you got a sec, drop by Twitter and give him a follow: @ymercado

Happy Teaching! Happy Reading!


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