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Storytelling Is Not Dead: Star Wars – Galaxy’s Edge

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May the 4th be with you!  Happy Star Wars Day!  AND happy Free Comic Book Day…dang, there’s a lot going on this fine Saturday.

I’m hitting up my local comic shops today to scoop up some good deals, but I found some time to nerd out with you and give you a small review of Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge comic based on the new land coming to Disneyland on May 31st and Disney World on August 29th.  It’s the biggest Disney themed land ever, covering fourteen acres and costing over a billion dollars!

People will be flocking from all over the globe to experience one of the most sought after experiences in the galaxy.  So much so that Disney opened reservations for the first month of the land’s opening, and the reservations, although free with a park ticket, sold out in two hours…dang!

I would recap the attractions, stores, and restaurants in Galaxy’s Edge, but you have Youtube for that; I’m here to review comics!

Marvel, as of last week, has begun a run of Galaxy’s Edge comics, each tying in a new story, adding texture to the new theme park land.  The first issue covers Han Solo acquiring baby sarlacc(s?) for the trader, Dok-Ondar, who makes his home on the planet of Batuu at Black Spire Outpost.

The one-shot of sorts gives us some exposure to some to the characters that we will meet in Galaxy’s Edge and begins to make the outpost a bit more familiar.

The next issue is hinted to cover the bounty hunter Greedo tracking down a very rare lightsaber.  Should be cool.  I’ve added the title to my pull list not only because I love Star Wars but because I will eventually visit Galaxy’s Edge, and I want some extra Easter Eggs.

If you are a fan of Star Wars and/or Disney, go get this issue, and add it to your pull list.  It’s a treat for fans!  What an amazing time to be a fan of this franchise.

Make sure that you visit your local comic book store this weekend in celebration of Free Comic Book Day.  Support local businesses, and support comics in print!  And for a bonus, there is a Star Wars comic available for Free Comic Book Day!  Yeah!

Happy teaching/reading/traveling!


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