Children of Wrath

This is where you can find weekly updates to the Children of Wrath story that me, Mike Dozier, and Chris Prunckle had been working on.

Honestly, I don’t remember how all the pieces came together, but my buddy Mike Dozier and I were working on a script for a zombie-esque graphic novel about a bunch of kids surviving in a world where the infection of the world did not affect children.

We got my friend, and amazing artist Chris Prunckle to get in on the art side, and we got plugging along!

Mike and I ended up with about 100 graphic novel pages scripted out as well as world details, character details and bios, and more. Chris ended up doing some character sketches, weapon art, and thumbnails of the first few pages.

Then we all got busy, and this project seemed to go to the back of the project list for all of us; however, I’ve never even thought about not getting it out there. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to post more pages of the story that we wrote and splash in some of Chris’ art when I can.



A flicker of light escapes a boarded up window. Five shadowed figures approach a small seculded house on the outskirts of a forest. 

Through the boards we see a family of three sitting by candlelight.  


I hope the scouting reports are right about this one…


There’s no doubt, those guys have never failed us before. 


Close up of a shotgun blasting the lock off the door. 


The family jumps back in reaction as they witness their door getting kicked in as five figures swarm into their home. 

With guns drawn we see the shadowed figures are kids, ranging from 10 to 15 years old. A standoff ensues. 

The leader of the group, ROY, (15), with a Clint Eastwood stare and a 9mm locks eyes with DAD, (35). 


Give us the kids, and we’ll leave…

MOM, (33) grabs JEREMY, (12), and huddles close to her husband who is armed with a knife.



We’re healthy…we’re fine. I’m 35. I’m ok…she’s ok…


Please leave us alone.

The kids advance.


We’re not leaving without that kid. 


(Increasing Anger)

I said, ggget outtt! 

Dad begins to stutter and shake. Screams and guttural noises escape from dad. He applies pressure to his temples and clenches his teeth.  

Mom reaches towards her husband, unsure of what to do. Jeremy grabs his dad’s leg. 

The shattering sound of Dad’s teeth explodes in the room. The armed kids look at Roy. Roy stares at the father.  


Roy, he’s changing! 


I got this…

Roy puts a bullet right in Dad’s head. Spackled with blood, Mom and Jeremy cradle Dad.   

Jeremy looks at Roy with venomous eyes, grabs Dad’s knife and charges towards Roy.  

Roy without hesitation pistol whips Jeremy knocking him out. 


(To the kids)

Grab the boy. 

Mom throws herself on Jeremy’s body. 



Before the kids can pull the Mom off Jeremy they hear crying from the other room. All heads shoot to look down the hall. 


Mom takes off down the hall, the group of kids chase behind.


Mom enters the room, slams the door and locks it behind her. She’s to a crib and picks up JAMIE, a toddler, who’s sobbing. 

The door is kicked in. 


Please, leave me with her. Just go..


I’m afraid we can’t do that. Give us the girl, and we will leave you alone. 



I can’t…

Roy motions to the other boys to take the girl, after a struggle with the screaming mother, the boys get the little girl and leave the mom sobbing on the floor. 


Roy leads the pack of kids down the hallway, from behind them Mom appears with a 45. Revolver. 


Who do you think you, little bastards are?! This is my family!!!

The boys turn around as the Mom, with tears running down her face, pulls the gun up. The boys dive for the floor expect Roy who quickly moves to the side and draws his pistol as he falls against the wall, he takes three shots at the Mom and hits her three times in the chest. Mom fires on shot as she falls to the floor. The shot shatters a light fixture raining glass on the boys. Jamie is kicking and screaming the entire time. 


(Looking at the light)

That was close. 


(Brushing glass off himself.)

Stupid’s more like it. She could’ve shot the kid. 

The boys make their way to pick up Jeremy, as one sedates Jamie with a syringe.  


With Jeremy and Jamie in tow, the boys walk out of the house and into the darkness. 

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The following is what we gave Chris for the first five pages. Hope you enjoy seeing our behind the scenes communication. We’ll be tossing this in as we go. Next week, next five pages of the story!

The Rage: Opening Information

-The story takes place in a nondescript forested suburban location.

-While the story takes place in the not too distant future, the weapons that the kids use are typical (for now): shotguns, handguns, machine guns, knives, etc.  

-For the most part, unless otherwise specified, feel free to have fun and explore with outfits and costuming.  Keep in mind that they are kids, and when the story opens, they are invading a home to extract a kid, so military-type gear is expected, but certainly not mandatory.  Subtle football/hockey gear might work as well…as long as it does not distract from the seriousness of the situation.      

Here are the two bios for the two main characters that appear in the opening 5 pages.  More to follow on some of this information:

  • Name: Roy
  • Age: 15 years old.
  • Class/Status: Roy is one of the two leaders of a camp of endangered kids.
  • Physical Description: While Roy is young, and he is not bulky, Roy’s confidence gives him an intimidating physical presence. Lean, and lanky. Has steely colored eyes; people comment about the old eyes on such a young man.  Usually darker clothing: jeans, flannel, boots. Short hair, with a scar on his face down his bottom lip, with a chipped tooth. Roy wears a lot of hats. (Maybe it can be something he collects, different types of baseball hats or hats to a specific league.)  
  • Quirks: Roy comes with a very loyal German Sheppard that appears with him most of the time, usually in the camp.
  • Morality: Roy’s rough background makes him question the world, but the kindness and charity that he has received, makes him a very fair, honest character.
  • Personality Strengths/Weaknesses: Roy has a temper, which can get him into trouble.  He is also very stubborn, and this can hinder some of his relationships.  However, his loyalty, work ethic, and determination, make him an exceptional leader.
  • Skills: Roy is excellent with an array of weapons; he is mechanically savvy; he performs well under pressure; he is relatively fearless.  
  • Education: Roy’s education comes completely from his family (prior to age 9) and from the camp (9-present).  
  • Childhood/Backstory: Roy figured things out on his own; he had to kill his own father to protect his younger sibling.  His older brother was in the Army during the start of everything.  Much more to come here…
  • Relationships: While Roy keeps very few close relationships… more to follow on this.
  • Religious Beliefs: None.
  • Name: Jeremy 
  • Age: 12 years old.
  • Class/Status: Jeremy is a recently rescued kid that, until the dust settles, is skeptical, angry, emotional, and rebellious.  
  • Physical Description: A relatively non-descript pre-teen, Jeremy has blonde hair and is of average build.  He is prone to t-shirts, jeans, and gym shoes.  I picture a ringer-tee or a baseball-tee, like a ¾ sleeve shirt. Chuck Taylors. I really want to see Jeremy harden in this story. A clean complexion and blonde hair turns into a dirty, age-stained-face. Like Leonardo DiCapprio in Growing Pains
  • Quirks: None as of yet.
  • Morality: Jeremy, at this point in the story, is confused by the world around him.  This confusion clouds his moral judgment and decision making process. 
  • Personality Strengths/Weaknesses: Jeremy is confused and impulsive.  He cares greatly for his sister, and he attempts to make decisions that keep her safe, but his lack of experience and fear make this difficult.  
  • Skills: Unknown. 
  • Education: Jeremy’s education comes solely from his parents.    
  • Childhood/Backstory: Jeremy has grown-up in a strange world, and while he has not always had it easy, his world, although stripped of almost all other people except his parents and little sister, has been stable…enough.
  • Relationships: Jeremy has been close to his family.
  • Religious Beliefs: Unknown.

Next week…next five pages of the story. You get a first glimpse of the camp!

Please read my interview with my buddy Mike Dozier by clicking here to find out more about him, and check out Chris on IG @wannabethecomic and on Twitter @midjipress.

Happy reading!


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