Comic Issue Review 84/365: The Archies

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It’s Monday, and I have a cool week lined up for you!  Yesterday, I went to the comic book store to grab my pull list, and well, if you’ve ever waited three months to pick up your comics, you might have found something like I did yesterday:

So, I thought I’d be fun this week if I reviewed some #1 single issues that were in my stack.  Most of the books coming at you this week will be one-two weeks old at most, but a couple might be pushing that three-week old range since it has been so long since my last pick-up, BUT they should all still be at your local comic book shop on the shelf.  If any sound interesting, go grab them!  Tell them one of The Comic Book Teachers sent you.

Title: The Archies 

Author(s): Alex Segura, Matt Rosenberg, Joe Eisma, and Matt Herms

Publisher: Archie Comics (2017)

Age Rating: 13+

Archie has been a staple in my collection since I came back to comics a few years ago.  I reviewed the new Archie series earlier this year, and you can read it by clicking here.

Today, I’ll be reviewing one of the many cool spin-offs from the Archie base series: The ArchiesThe Archies tells the tale of the Archie gang and their band.  And in issue one, that’s about it.  It’s about friends forming bands, the issues with forming and keeping a band together, and keeping the slick, cool Archie universe going.  Joe Eisma’s art and Matt Herms’ coloring are fairly consistent with the other Archie books that I’ve read, and the same can be said with the writing.  This book is par for the course in the Archie Universe.  You like the rest, you’ll like this.

For me, the coolest part of the issue came after the story.  There is a small “Riverdale Gazette” page that gives a quick blurb from our writers about what to expect, including a tease at issue 2’s guest-star appearance by the band CHVRCHES.  If guest bands are going to be a thing in this series, that’s certainly something to get excited about!  Also, the creators assembled a Spotify playlist for the issue, and they link to it…a QR Code would have been easier, but the link worked just as fine.  I listened to it running errands today; it was pretty cool!  The addition of guest bands and Spotify playlists give this book a cool uniqueness that will have me adding it to my pull list, at least for the next couple of months.  Here’s the link to the playlist: http://TheArchies1

Now, go listen to some music!  And check back all week for single issue reviews.

Happy reading!


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