Comic Issue Review 85/365: Harley and Ivy Meet Betty and Veronica

My week of reviewing pull list #1’s continues!  Yesterday, I reviewed the new title from Archie Comics: The Archies.  And today, I found a good transition book with the first issue of Harley and Ivy Meet Betty and Veronia.  I totally dig DC’s willingness to partner with other companies.  We had Batman and the Ninja Turtles, Gotham Academy and Jumberjanes, and now Archie Comics!  You get props, DC.  I think you’re kind of cool…

Title: Harley and Ivy Meet Betty and Veronica 

Author(s): Paul Dini, Marc Andreyko, Laura Braga, Tony Avina, and Arif Prianto

Publisher: Archie Comics/DC Comics (2017)

Age Rating: 13+

I heard about this book a few weeks back, and I when I saw it in my stack of pull list comics, I wanted to jump right in!  If you are anything like me, you had questions, primarily, what the heck do these characters have anything to do with each other?  And how do these universes even intertwine?

The answer is quite simple: Hiram Lodge wants to demolish the “unique ecosystem” of Sweetwater Swamp to build a university and a mall attached to it.  Ivy is having none of that, and her and Harley head to Riverdale to stop the travesty.

This is a simple but fun issue.  The parallel editing of the pairs of women works to build suspense to the ultimate meeting between the four.  I won’t spoil the cliff-hang of issue one, but trust me, it’s fun!

I spoke yesterday about the consistent artwork through the Archie books when introducing The Archies.  This book is different.  The art of Laura Braga is a bit more risque than we are familiar with from the Archie Universe.  Betty and Veronica are drawn to look a bit older, and the coloring by Tony Avina and Arif Prianto, with it’s heavy use of shading and high-contrast hues, for sure gives this book a different feel than the other Archie titles.

I guess this makes sense.  This isn’t an Archie book.  This is a DC and Archie book, and to bridge the gap between fans, the team has successfully assembled a book that looks like a marriage of the two companies.  I do, however, wish that the book would have taken a page from Archie Comics and put the ads and such at the back of the issue, but I guess DC was having none of that; we do get ads throughout this issue.

I will pick up issue number two.  The pacing of this issue was fun, and I’m excited to see the trouble the four of these characters get into once the ball gets rolling!

Happy reading!


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