Comic Issue Review 89/365: Punisher – The Platoon

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Pull list #1’s Week continues with Punisher – The Platoon.

Title: Punisher – The Platoon #1

Author(s): Garth Ennis, Goran Parlov

Publisher: Marvel Comics (2017)

Age Rating: 17+

Growing up, The Punisher was one of my favorite superheroes.  I used to draw him, used him as a base for character creation in school, and role-played him in the Marvel role-playing game.  Maybe it was because my dad was in ‘Nam, maybe it was my obsession with G.I. Joe, which was most likely because of my dad’s time in ‘Nam.  Either way, I thought the idea of a gun-wielding hero killing bad guys was dope!

As time goes on, we change, and one of the things that changed for me was my idea of who The Punisher was, and what he represented.  The post-teenage me didn’t take so quickly to the mass murder that was happening in The Punisher books.

Fast forward to 2017, and as I’m exploring the shelves of new releases at Alternate Reality in beautiful downtown Mt. Greenwood, located on the corner of 111th and Kedzie, I saw one of store owner Tim’s famous “Jump on here!” tags, which indicates a new title, and this one happened to be a Punisher ‘Nam comic.  Grabbed, and added to my stack of books.

It was time for me to give good ol’ Frank Castle another shot, and I figured that a book about his time in ‘Nam might not be a bad re-entry to the character.

The issue starts with a reporter out with a few of Castle’s old platoon members, trying to get the story of Castle well before his Punisher years, and we are quickly tossed into Vietnam, side by side with Frank Castle.

Issue one has no major action sequences.  The language is a bit adult, but the story is exposition only.  A couple of surprises at the end of the issue tease enough for the eventual purchase of issue two, but fans of the classic shoot now, ask questions later Punisher might be dissapointed…which is why I am not.  A slow-rolling Castle navigating the Vietnamese countryside is all I need from that character right now.  I was worried with all that has been going on, The Punisher comic would seem like a protest to anti-gun people.  It is not.

It looks like we might get a good war story with a bit of intrigue.

I’m in for now, Marvel.  I’m in…for now.

Happy reading!


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