Finer Things Club

Until I get a pic of the four of us, you get me having a coffee at the United Center.

Hey, friends!

During this quarantine, a few of my friends and I have started a “Finer Things Club.” Stealing the name from the exclusive club from The Office, Ronell, Adan, Adam, and I have decided to video chat each Thursday evening about three pieces of media that one of us selects the week prior.

For longer items like a long running show or comics series, we do as much as we can. Two episodes…a small handful of issues, and if we don’t like it, we take in much less of that item. So, if you play along, don’t feel the need to exhaust yourself.

We conducted a point system for the first four weeks, and here was our collective top 3 for Month One:

1.) Dave (FX, Mature Rated TV Show)

2.) Dispatches From Elsewhere (AMC, Teen Rated TV Show)

3.) The film Columbus

I will run down what we have imbibed thus far, with our picks for next week highlighted. Please follow along and comment on your favs:


Portrait of a Lady on Fire (R): Dir. Celine Sciamma

Columbus (not rated): Dir. Kogonada – A Top 3 of the Month Tile!

Fast Color (PG-13): Dir. Julia Hart

The Willoughbys (G): Dir. Kris Pearn/Cory Evans/Rob Lodermier

-Selah and the Spades (R): Dir. Tayarisha Poe

The Lovebirds (Netflix) (Watch for next week)


Dispatches From Elsewhere (AMC) – A Top 3 of the Month Title!

Dave (FX) – A Top 3 of the Month Title!

-Hunters (Amazon)

Tales From the Loop (Amazon)

Comics/Graphic Novels/Book:

My Hero Academia (VIZ Media)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Comic (BOOM!/IDW)

Contact High (Forget It, Make Comics)

Tartarus (Image Comics)

Gideon Falls (Image Comics)

-Latinext – Breakbeat Poets Series (Book of poetry)

-“The Pinch” by Dina Nayeri (short story)

Superman Smashes the Clan by Gene Luen Yang (DC Comics) (Read for next week)


Oh, Hello: The P’dcast


-Yola – “Walk Through Fire”

-Death Grips – “The Money Store”

-Tame Impala – “A Slow Rush”

-R.A.P. Ferreira – “Purple Moonlight Pages”

-Ric Wilson – “They Call Me Disco” (Listen for next week)

Hope you follow along and share your thoughts!


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