Gen Con Resources

Hey, everyone!  This is where you’ll find the resources that we spoke about at our panels at Gen Con.  I will be adding to this page around noon on Monday, and I will keep this page up for one week.  Keep checking back!

List of presenters with contact info:

Eric Kallenborn: @comics_teacher

Adam Ebert: @mratomabort

Jason Nisavic: @teaching_humans

Brad Barth:

Brandon Udischas:  @ssescaperooms

Alli Udischas:  @ssescaperooms

List of games that were mentioned during the sessions by us or an audience member (might have forgotten a few, but this is a good list): Coup; Who Would Win; Mysterium; Code Names (I like the Pictures version); Superfight; Werewolf; Breakout EDU.

Please feel free to comment with any others that I missed.  I know there was a Goblin game that I must have jotted down incorrectly and someone had mentioned a game with a name like Storyum, but all I can find under that name is a band.

Here are the Escape Room & Gaming Slides and Jason’s mini escape room language game and his gamification slides.

I’m getting the OK to include information from the librarian that I was mentioning, so stay tuned for that!