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Here we are: post 100!

I’m really excited that I made it 100 posts in a row without missing a day!  I’ve had some help from my buddies and a few students, but 100 posts in a row…I’m proud of.  I hope for the same success in the next 100.  Wish me luck!

Today, instead of a review or teacher reflection, I’d like to share my top five books of the first 100 posts with links to the review of that book.  It was really hard to get my list down to five, but I did it, with one honorable mention.  A friend had recently asked me where people new to graphic novels should start.  I say these five are not a bad place.

In no particular order:

1.) Fetch (By far the book that hit me with the most emotion. Beautiful and timeless.)

2.) everyone’s a aliebn when ur a aliebn too (Unique and thoughtful, aliebn is one you will not forget.)

3.) The Private Eye (The most amazing film I’ve ever read.)

4.) Scott Pilgrim (Dude…it’s Scott Pilgrim: one of my favorite stories of all time!)

5.) Your Black Friend (Thoughtful and powerful, Your Black Friend should and will open discussion in a world that needs it.)

Honorable Mention: Relish – My Life In The Kitchen (Beautiful book with amazing recipes!  Cookies are too good…)

Happy reading!


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