Graphic Novel (Comic) Review 323/365: Free Comic Book Day – Day 2

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Hey, all! I have some cool things coming your way in June, so make sure that you are checking back every day. I appreciate you for reading.

Free Comic Book Day comes the first Saturday in May each year for the past fifteen years.  It celebrates comics, comic culture, and fandom.  It gives fans an opportunity to get out into the local comic book shops, get some free comics, and explore other great merch.  I’ve never read the entire stack of free comics, so I thought…why not now?  Could make a cool set of blog posts on this 365 quest.

So here we are.  Each day this week I will be blogging on 7-8 singles issues that were distributed on FCBD.  What am I going to be saying about each?  Not sure.  I’m hoping to expand my reading, publishers I might not be familiar with, and have some fun.  Hopefully, if you are on the quest with me, you’ll get something out of a few of these posts as well.

I will not be posting individual pictures of each title; that’s a lot of pics.  Here is the pic of today’s seven issues:

I’ll move from left to right, top row then bottom row.

Shadowman from Valiant: people that know me, know that I am a fan of Valiant Comics.  However, one of the characters that I’m not that familiar with is Shadowman, so when I saw this, I was excited.  I was disappointed when I only got a few pages of what seemed to be a cool story because Valiant shoehorned in an X-O Manowar preview and a Harbinger Wars 2 preview.  Don’t get a brother excited with a cool Shadowman cover and handful of Shadowman pages only to be bombarded with not Shadowman stuff.

Street Fighter II: Ultra from Udon and Capcom: simple, well-drawn story that follows Ken after he has has a darkness thrust upon him.  He is what seems to be half evil, and he needs to find out what can center his anger.  Straight forward story.  Good fight scenes.  I’ve never read a Street Fighter comic, but it looks to be for younger fans of the video game.  Not bad…

Starburns Presents from SBI Press: I have never heard of SBI Press, and I’m not really sure what they offer as a whole, but this issue is interesting.  With short stories from Patton Oswalt and Dan Harmon, Starburns Presents has me wanting to explore more of what SBI has to offer.  My favorite issue of today’s lot.

Silver from Dark Planet: this is a very cool black and white crime noir drama about a quick-witted thief attempting to escape the cops, and in doing so, runs into a greater adventure.  Not much else to say.  I dug it.  Reads quickly.  Would like to read more.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Shattered Grid from BOOM! Studios: I was not a child brought up with the Power Rangers.  I’m a bit old, but I’m aware of how they permeated our culture.  This issue, in a way, is one of the first substantial experiences that I have had with the Rangers.  I didn’t need much back story to jump in.  This book does a great job for fans old and new to jump into the fray.

Transformers Unicron: we all know the Transformers, and if you don’t maybe you don’t start here.  This issue preview is a lot of robots talking about stuff as a planet-sized monster threatens to destroy the world.  I wanted more robot crushing robot action.  I got lots of robot dialogue.  Maybe my G.I. Joe loyalty is showing; growing up G.I. Joe and Transformers were our Elvis and the Beatles…you can like them both, but you have to like one more.

My Hero Academia and RWBY from Viz media: The first Manga of the lot.  I must say, while I do not get what’s going on in this issue, I do dig the full comic book sized Manga.  Usually read in smaller book versions, the big pages look good on the medium.  Still black and white, I’m sure fans of Manga will dig this.  With no real back story, it’s hard for me to find an entry.

Happy reading!


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