Graphic Novel/Film Review 229/365: Annihilation

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I have a slight change in plans for this weekend.  I saw a film last night that has stuck with me, so I’d like to take today to reflect on the visual masterpiece that is Annihilation, and tomorrow, I’m taking some students on a little field trip to meet Jonny Sun (Jomny Sun) author of Everyone’s a Aliebn When Ur a Aliebn Too, the first book I reviewed on this 365 blog journey!  So, tomorrow will be a blog of that experience, hopefully with some cool photos from the event!  If you are at Anderson’s Bookshop in LaGrange, IL. tomorrow, hit me up!

Title: Annihilation 

Author(s): Alex Garland (for the screen)

Publisher: Paramount Pictures (2018)

Age Rating: 17+ (Rated “R”)

Besides Annihilation being stuck in my brain, tomorrow is the Oscar’s, so I see it only fitting as the film teacher at my high school to share a little bit of film love this weekend as well.

If you have seen Annihilation, I’m curious to know what you thought about it.  Seriously, it’s polarizing.  My film guy Mike hated it, and my wife and I loved it.  And know, if you have not seen it, the trailer does not prepare you for what this film presents to you, and I was pleasantly surprised by that.  I was expecting an Alien meets Predator type film, and what we got was not that.  I’m not trying to ruin the twists and turns in this film, but I can bullet-point a few reasons why I loved it and why you should see it.

-The music and sound blend to create jarring mood and emotional shifts throughout.

-The alien presence in the film affects Earth life in ways that are original and engaging.

-The team that travels into the “Shimmer” contains all women, which is an interesting change for an action/sci-fi/horror film.

-There is a scene with a bear-like creature that mortified and excited me in a way that a scene in a film had not in a while.

-Natalie Portman and the supporting cast act their butts off!

-The psychological torment that the characters experience in the film is emotionally draining.

-The themes explored are unique; I feel that this film is ultimately about the evolution of self-destruction.  Agree?  Disagree?

I love Alex Garland’s writing, and if he keeps making films like this and Ex Machina…dude.

Happy watching!


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