Graphic Novel (Film) Review 270/365: A Quiet Place

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No, I am not done with my C2E2 stash of books from last weekend, however, I went to see A Quiet Place tonight, and as I like to review a film every now and again, here we are…

Title: A Quiet Place 

Dir.: John Krasinski

Publisher: Paramount Pictures (2018)

Age Rating: 13+

Every once in a while I get the urge to review a film here on this blog quest, and having A Quiet Place hyped for me all week, I could not wait to see it and give you my take.  In a way, it’s a bit more refreshing than a graphic novel because if it’s a bad review, I don’t have to worry much about John Krasinski reading it!  Don’t worry about spoilers, I won’t be tossing out too much detail here.  I write these blogs every day, so a thousand-word treatise on every nuance will not be dropping from Mr. Kallenborn tonight.  Plus it is the Friday of SAT week; I’m drained!

So here it goes: A Quite Place is good, nothing more, nothing less.  It’s fairly predictable, cheesy, and not too original…BUT there are some cool things happening that prevent it from becoming less than good.

The directing is solid, and the acting is good, but the one major plus for this film is the collection of interesting scenes because while the majority of the film is stacked with passable cliches, there are a few gems that you will remember.  These scenes, however, are littered with overly loud jump-scares that you’d expect from a PG-13 start of summer hit.  The film relied on them too frequently.  It did not need to.

The alien/creature is also nothing new.  Can we please have a monster/alien that doesn’t have long arms with a face that opens up in a creepy way??  Y’all got me missing some Babadook; give the alien a top hat or something!

For me, this film is reminiscent of M. Night Shyamalan’s Signs, and as an entire piece, I’d say Signs is a slightly better film.  I’d love to debate why if you’d ever want to buy me dinner to discuss, but for now, I’m going to bed.  I don’t think you need to see this in theaters.  People were blabbing all about the silence in this film.  It’s not that quiet.  Actually, one of the only parts, that was completely underutilized, was when we heard nothing from the perspective of the deaf daughter (not a spoiler).  And please don’t yell at me.  It’s good.  I know, but it does have flaws, big ones, but not enough to keep it from being just good, hence the high Rotten Tomatoes rating.  Watch for the “Swing away, Merrill” part at the end of the film!

Happy watching!


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