Graphic Novel (Film) Review 285/365: Avengers: Infinity War

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It’s here…Infinity War!  I saw it today.  Wanted to blast it as yet another superhero film.  Cannot.  It is good…

Title: Avengers: Infinity War 

Author(s): Dir. Anthony & Joe Russo

Publisher:  Marvel Studios (2018)

Age Rating: 13+

Dude, this film is cray!

So much happens in the two and a half hours…I don’t know where to start.  I guess with, this is a superhero film, so lots of what the haters are going to hate on, I’ve learned to live with; most hero comic books are at least partly silly in their construction, and in turn, so are the hero films.

Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean I expect less from my film making; I guess I’m just more prone to forgive certain things.  And I do expect a quality product if the production budget is in the hundreds of millions of dollars…I’m looking at you Suicide Squad and Justice League and Batman VS. Superman.  Ugh, those films were hot garbage compared to the worst Marvel film.  And here’s a trivia fact for ya: Infinity War and Justice League had about the same production budget.  Wha??  Where did the money go, DC??

I will spoil nothing in this review.

You might be surprised to know that many of the heroes in this film never cross paths!  That’s the closest I’ll get to a spoiler.  The film is on such an epic scale that at any given time, there may be up to five plots elements developing at once, and the parallel editing is impressive.

This is too fun of a film for me to talk trash.  I didn’t want to like it.  I wanted to be here writing about how typical it is and how I’m tired of these characters, but the truth is…so much of this film doesn’t even happen on Earth, and the characters that I’m sort of tired of weren’t even in the film that long for me to complain about them; on the flip, I enjoyed every hero in this film.  Wait, let me think…yep, every hero was cool and added something, and don’t come at me with your minutia.  It’s a superhero film that looks AMAZING, is NEVER boring, and has a decent plot/villain.

I’ve been reading, grading, and working a bunch lately, so maybe I needed to check out and watch some hero action without over-thinking it.  Maybe there are a ton of plot holes that I didn’t catch because I was too busy geeking out about Spider-man’s cool new armor or the idea of Star Lord possibly meeting Tony Stark.  What I did catch was the hero film I needed to re-ignite my interest in the Avengers.  And are you really going to complain about the amount of star-power and hero-power in this film?  It’s an impressive feat.  Of course, you are more than welcome to disagree with me, but I loved it.

I’m super glad I didn’t wait to see it because I will have a blast discussing this film with friends and students!  Give in to social pressure; this is the film of the summer.  Be a part of the conversation…even if you hated it!

Happy watching!


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  1. I loved the mixing of heroes…Thor with Rocket for example. I think it could’ve been edited down to 2 hours…a few fight scenes redundant for me, but overall I loved it! The look of it was SUPERB and a must see on big screen if possible.

    As for the ending etc. I’ll keep mum.

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