Graphic Novel (Game) Review 173/365: Competition Kitchen

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Happy New Year, everyone!  To celebrate the new year, I’m going to try and start things off right and keep this week focused more on what I would consider academic titles.  Higher level thinking type stuff.  Unlike that last sentence…


Title: Competition Kitchen 

Author(s): Kevin Reader and Joe Gennaro

Publisher: Independent (2017)

Age Rating: All Ages

Every once in a while, I bring you an alternative review of sorts, and today I’m reviewing another game.  Competition Kitchen is a card game in which players get a hand of ingredients, a judge flips a challenge, players discard half of their ingredients, and then a secret ingredient is revealed that all players must use and players make a pitch to sell the judges on their dish.  Winner gets a point, runner up gets to keep the secret ingredient for later use.

This game should be a must in any culinary class.  Not only does it get people familiar with ingredients, but it encourages creative assembly of said ingredients, and through the presentation of the ideas, people learn communication.

Note: playing this with just anyone might not work that well.  I played with a friend that is not into food, and he was bored with the game.  But if you have a group of people that likes to talk food, this game would be super fun.

This is a good one; and while all students in say an English class might not be interested, for the right class or the right group of kids, this game teaches a good number of developmentally sound concepts.

Bon appetit!

Happy Gaming!


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