Graphic Novel (Guest) Review 338/365: Her Space Opera

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Continuing the guest reviews of my esteemed Comic Book Teacher friends, I present to you a review of an extremely unique title from reviewer Adan Alvarado.

Title: Her Space Opera 

Author(s): Katie Longua and Accumulator

Publisher: Independent (2017)

Age Rating: 13+

I loved every bit of Katie Longua (artist) and Accumulator’s (musician) “Her Space Opera.” The work is a vibrant nine page 12 x 12 comic with an accompanying 9 song chiptune soundtrack on color vinyl.  Yes, it is as dope as it sounds.  Each page is without dialogue, instead, swapping out words for 8-bit music.  The result is a beautiful jaunt through space with colors that explode off the page and tunes that burrow into your brain.

Track 1/Page 1: “The Lift”

Your eyes center on a spacecraft spitting out fire as your eyes perk up to the noticeable beeps of a countdown clock followed closely by a roaring engine.  The fire pouring out of the engine guides your eyes to a panel with the story’s hip protagonist “minority reporting” her way around the invisible screen as she stares directly at the reader.  A final beep and whoosh from the speakers and the spacecraft is off.  Your eyes follow a circular pattern of window like panels that provide a sort of montage of what it takes to move about space.  Accumulator makes use of heavy breathing and a few flicks of some switches before moving into the familiar electronic synthesizers made famous during the golden age of arcade games: an upbeat track to let the reader/listener know that they are off.

Over the next eight pages some fairly typical space hijinks occur (with the perfect complimentary track along the way), but all the space action is centered around the very grounded idea that despite what adventures we embark on in life, we are consistently drawn back to the familiarity and comfort of home, be it in a place or in a person.

I would really love to layout and describe the other pages and tracks, but with only nine pages I will avoid the spoilers.  Just pick “Her Space Opera” at  You will not be disappointed.

-I want to thank Adan for the cool find!  There was supposed to be an audio link to track one, but it was removed from Soundcloud.  Give Adan a follow on Instagram @teaching_dopeness

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