Graphic Novel Guest Review 82/365: Sex Criminals

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The NSFW Image Guest Reviews keep on coming with Adam Ebert’s review of Sex Criminals!

Title: Sex Criminals 

Author(s): Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky

Publisher: Image (2014)

Age Rating: Adult

Certain things that work in film or television don’t often work in other mediums like comics or video games. It’s one of the reasons there’s almost no good video games. Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky set out to write a sex comedy comic, something that neither of the two had ever seen in the comics medium. Fraction cut his teeth in filmmaking and pulls inspiration from films like Porky’s and The 40-Year Old Virgin to craft something that’s arguably more endearing that both of those films. It’s incredible to see what their initial idea looks like executed in the first volume of Sex Criminals.

The key to the book’s success is in its opening pages as we are drawn almost immediately to the character of Suzie. We get her backstory and see her deal with her initial sexual experiences but our story brings the added layer to all of this in that she can also stop time when she has an orgasm. The loneliness and confusion she encounters with her first time stopping experiences most certainly parallels the experiences that countless individuals have every day.

For many, the world is incredibly hard to navigate when it comes to effective sex education. We struggle through so many stigmas and taboos that those who simply want to educate themselves on their own bodies are shunned or insulted by parents, mentors, and professionals. It’s what eventually leads Suzie to libraries, which eventually lead her to Jon. Suzie meets Jon, a bank employee, at a fundraiser party she throws to help her library. There’s a cute scene involving Lolita that results in the two hooking up. Mid-coitus, Suzie realizes that Jon also has the same super-power she does. After the initial shock, the two spends the next few days together, talking and getting to know each other even more intimately. All of this flashes back and forth with scenes of them robbing the bank that Jon works at to help out Suzie’s library. The two encounter a trio of time-stoppers that could only be described as the “Sex Police” led by Kegelface, whose face looks like she’s doing kegels.

Ultimately, what’s created is a fun romp that touches gracefully and comedically on issues of sexual discovery and mental illness. Chip Zdarsky’s work here is a revelation and his collaboration here with Matt Fraction is absolutely fantastic. Whether it’s tiny, hard to notice, visual gags or just seeing these two characters fall in love, Sex Criminals is a hilarious and endearing reading experience.

-Adam Ebert

I’d like to thank Adam for the review! And I’d also like to tell you that there is A LOT of nudity and sex in this comic.  It’s really NSFW and maybe not safe around others.  But the story and humor are great. Sorry, you get no more pics from this book from me…

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