Graphic Novel (Kind of?) Review 296/365: The Book With No Pictures

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This is the first book that I’m reviewing on this quest that actually has no pictures, but you know what?  It’s cool, and interesting, and will make you laugh, so I don’t care.  And I’ll justify it by its use of big colorful made-up words.  But I know…the irony is not lost on me.

Title: The Book With No Pictures 

Author(s): B.J. Novak

Publisher: Dial/Penguin (2014)

Age Rating: All Ages

This is a fun one.

No pictures, but there are differently-sized, colorful words that fill most of the pages.

Not much of a story.  This book has one purpose: to make grown-ups sound silly.  In a way, this is the perfect book to give a kid.  They can ask any adult to read it to them, and if they do, the adult sounds silly.  No way around it.

If I were a primary school teacher, I would keep this book in my classroom, find adults to be guest story readers, and when the guests came in, have my kids look like they were searching for a book for the guest to read, but (whisper) we’d know the whole time that we were going to give them this book, and they would have to sound silly (end whisper).  What a cool way to build a class chemistry!  I’d try it with my seniors, but I think they’d think they were too cool for something as silly as this…darn older kids with their pPods and schlumpwuzzles.

I will be sharing this one with my elementary peeps though!  I’m sure most of them have heard of it, since I’m late to a lot of these amazing kids books, but it will not stop me from spreading the word.  This book belongs in every primary classroom and every house in the nation that has youngsters living or visiting!

Happy reading!


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