Graphic Novel Post 109: A Rant of Sorts

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No crazy theme this week, just some books that I think you should check out, and possibly a rant or two.

Dude, this week dragged something terrible!

I hate that Halloween was on Tuesday; it made the rest of the week feel like Friday was three days ago, and to top it all off, I’m home for an hour and am going back to school from 6-9:30 to run a trivia fundraiser for the Game Club and Speech Team.  Yikes!

So, today’s post will not be about a specific book.  I do have something cool to mention, but honestly, this is me getting in my words to keep my streak going, proving that not even a week dragged by a snail, and packed with way too much, can keep me from breaking my streak!

Next week, my graphic novel class will move one step close to publishing their own social-issues comic book!  Actually, today they did: my kids emailed three individuals that I know self-published comics to ask them important questions about their process.  Late next week, I have my friend, and amazing artist, Zach Lehner coming in to sit with kids, and their in-process comic scripts to talk to them and give them feedback as an artist in the industry.  How cool is that?!  My kids get to hear feedback on their comic scripts from a legit published artist.

I’m really excited, and as my students’ concepts become more solid, I’m also excited about the content that they are creating.  Some if it may get a bit controversial, but it’s part of the process…shaping the art for the audience!

I can’t wait to tell you more!

Happy reading!


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