Graphic Novel Post 122/365: NCTE

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Look y’all…no foolin’.  I’m literally running out the door in five minutes to drive six hours to St. Louis for the annual National Council of Teachers of English conference, and my time all day has been limited, so I’m encouraging you to come to the show floor and visit me at the Pop Culture Classroom Booth #832, and I’m going to ask you to listen to this awesome podcast featuring yours truly discussing the importance of comics in the classroom.

Check out @theedpodcast on Twitter for all cool things education podcast, including the show with me!

I promise to drop cool Twitter and Instagram photos for you all NCTE weekend!

If you are at NCTE this weekend, make sure you catch me and @misterwhitaker on Sunday as we Keynote with the amazing Gareth Hinds.

Happy reading!


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