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So the Republican Party, for Senate, endorsed an alleged child molester that believes homosexuality is a sin, Muslims should not run for Congress, and women should not be able to vote.

I’ll let that sit there.

Even if you take away the weird molester thing, he’s still the rest of that description, yet people have no problem endorsing that, and it has driven me close to mad, not to mention the rest of the crazy this week with the tax bill and the Utah situation.

I could not bring myself to write a nice little review of some cool new book today because I’m worried about my country and the people in it.  And I know that a lot of you that read this blog feel the same way, so today, I’m going to list a few of the books that I’ve reviewed about inclusion, acceptance, and being a decent human being.  That way, when you are down, you can pick up one of these books and remember why we fight the good fight.  Why we are the beautiful diverse nation that we are.

Do you remember those books as a kid that your parents would read to you about being a rich selfish jerk, not sharing, not caring for others, and destroying the environment?  Me neither, but apparently some kids did grow up on those books because here we are!  Kudos to you, parents of the evil!  Keep finding those books on hate and misogyny!  I for one will offer up some alternatives for those of you with kids that you want to raise to care about others.  Here’s five you can go to your local library right now to pick up and read as a family:

1.) March Books 1-3: If you are not on the same side as John Lewis, you are not on the right side of history.  This beautiful book (that I’m sure a lot of you have read) will inspire you to make change in the world and realize the consequences of your actions.  If you get a chance go listen to John Lewis and Andrew Aydin speak; they will change your life.

2.) Maus: Art Spiegelman’s tale about his father’s survival of the Holocaust.  This book is a serious reminder of how dark humanity can get.  You may be familiar with this book, but are your kids?  Share this as an entry point into this delicate time in world history.  No one ever deserves to be treated less than…ever.

3.) Black History In Its Own Words: Amazing short bios with quotes and portraits of African Americans that have made an amazing impact on our world.  Read it with a friend.  Discover why this nation is truly one of rich history and culture.  Culture that should not be overshadowed by statues that were put up in defiance of black rights.

4.) I Am Alfonso Jones: Black teen is gunned down early in this amazing story of what it means to be young and black in America.  #blacklivesmatter

5.) everyone’s a aliebn when ur a aliebn too: Beautiful story about how in the end, we are all pretty much the same, floating around on this great Earth, waiting to die.  Dark and poignant, this kids-looking book is everything you never knew that you wanted.  You will learn something about yourself and humanity.  You will smile and you will cry.

I have reviewed all of these books, and I encourage you to check out my reviews.  Just click on the title!

Care for each other.


Happy reading!


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