Graphic Novel Reflection 77/365: Thoughts

The events in Las Vegas are not sitting well with me, as I’m sure they are not sitting well with you.  Many Americans died last night, this morning, and many more will pass before this is all said and done.

I can’t sit here today and write a graphic novel review with this looming over me.  I will say that books, stories, films, etc. help us get through tough times.  I remember when SNL came on in the wake of 9-11, making it OK for us to laugh again, and we should not forget that.  Find comfort in your media.  But I don’t feel like starting Image Comics Week today.

I really only have one thing to ask of you today, and I promise that I’ll get back to the normal writing and reviews tomorrow.

This morning, I was sent an article from The Blaze, and if you have not been to The Blaze, you don’t need to.  The article was filled with homophobic ideals that I don’t want to get into right now, but the article peeked my interest about the site, so I went to The Blaze’s website to find an article with this headline:

“Shooting witness describes Vegas police: ‘In a world where everyone’s kneeling, these guys stood up'” [sic]

Less than twelve hours after the shooting, The Blaze was finding a way to juxtapose the events of the NFL, and football players not standing, with the Vegas massacre?

I know that even I’ve been guilty of divisive rhetoric against our president, but this, this crap coming out of what some call “real news” has to stop.

I ask that you stay away from conversations that divide us during this incident.  We need to work together to heal.  We need to work together to find ways for this not to happen again.  We need to work together to call these journalists out.

We still have work to do in Florida, Texas, Puerto Rico, and now this happens.  What good does it do to craft headlines hell bent on separating us after an event that should have been preventable??

Shame on you, The Blaze.  That was an article about police bravery that you shaped into divisive rhetoric with that headline and that quote.  Shame on you and those that seek to profit from or kowtow to ignorance.

I know that all of my ends have not been neatly tied here.  My head is still spinning, trying to wrap my head around it all.  But I could not get through the day without getting my disdain for that headline off my chest.

Wish I still taught rhetoric.  This has been the year for teaching rhetoric.


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