Graphic Novel Review 106/365: Lost in NYC – A Subway Adventure

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No crazy theme this week, just some books that I think you should check out, and with the tragic events coming out of NYC today, I changed my book review plans today to share a book about the amazing city of New York.

Title: Lost in NYC – A Subway Adventure 

Author(s): Nadja Spigelman & Sergio Garcia Sanchez

Publisher: Toon Graphics (2015)

Age Rating: All Ages

NYC is one of my favorite cities.  I love the hustle, the bustle, the food, the energy, the people.  My heart goes out to the people of NYC this evening, and I hope that my celebration of this NYC based graphic novel, while nothing more than a tiny gesture, can bring just a little more focus tonight to a city that has been through hell over the last twenty years but continues to shine and rebound like no other.  I love NYC.

The graphic novel pictured above is a quick read that focuses on educating readers about the NYC subway system by putting the message into the package of a new student and NYC resident exploring the city with his class on a field trip on his first day at the new school.  Pablo, a young man that moves around frequently due to his father’s job, quickly befriends Alicia, well, Alicia quickly befriends Pablo, and when the field trip to the Empire State Building begins, so does the adventure!

Pablo and Alicia end up on a different subway train than their class, and the book becomes a lesson on how the amazing transit system of NYC works as we discover how everyone ultimately ends up back together.

A simple story, this book finds gold in its images and its descriptions, depictions, and detailing of the NYC subway system.  This book is meant for young New Yorkers looking to discover the city, and author Nadja Spiegelman is no stranger to this, having taken the subway for the first time by herself at age eleven!  The hustle and bustle of the art is also spot on.  Busy yet not intimidating, the cartoon-y, almost Neo School House Rock style of art is exciting and full of epic landscapes, just like NYC.

The back matter of this book contains a mini-history lesson of NYC subways accompanied by large photos, graphs, and resources for further exploration.  Like NYC, this book is busy, fun, cultural, and packed with interesting things to look at.

While this book might be perfect for the young New York resident or the subway enthusiasts among us, it’s also good for people that like learning more about this great nation, its great cities, and its many splendid wonders.

Happy reading!


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