Graphic Novel Review 116/365: My Students’ Book

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I’m going to try my best this week to bring you some books that capture America’s social situation.  What does that mean?  I’m not sure, but let’s read together this week, and maybe by next Sunday night, we will have a better understanding and maybe even a Twitter chat if you all want.

Title: TBD

Author(s): A bunch of cool kids and artists

Publisher: TBD (2018)

Age Rating: 13+

Image: Not Available

I’ve mentioned that the students of my graphic novel class are working on a comic of social issues.  Well, this week, I’ve been helping as many of them as possible get their script pages on the right track.  Today, I brought in professional artist Zach Lehner to sit with some of the groups in my class and give them honest feedback on their scripts.  It was dope!  He was great.  Please find out more about Zach here.

I gave Zach the comfy chair and brought kids over to him for help.  He stood with my kids for two-hours.  He was great.  They learned a ton.  And we are one step closer to achieving our goal: getting a comic published by the end of April.

So why am I saying that I’m reviewing my students’ book today?  Simply put, their scripts are all I’ve been reading lately, so today, that’s what you get!  Their script pages all come from the seeds of social justice/issues, so the variety and passions are wide spread and cover everything from kneeling for the anthem to the adoption of pets.  We are all new to the process, so this is a bumpy road.  I’m lucky to have met a number of cool local people like Zach that are willing to stop in the school and lend us some advice and direction.

Stay tuned!  This is a big project that will consume a ton of my time next semester, and if you want to/can help, let a brother know!

Happy reading!


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