Graphic Novel Review 131/365: Age of Reptiles

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This week I’m featuring a great variety of comics and graphic novels that contain little to no words.

Title: Age of Reptiles 

Author(s): Richard Delgado

Publisher:  Dark Horse Comics (1993-2015)

Age Rating: 13+ (Very violent and bloody animal eating animal action…be warned, but #nature.)

In my quest for more quality comics with little to no words, Tim Davis at Alternate Reality located on the corner of 111th and Kedzie in beautiful Mt. Greenwood (for my Chicago peeps) helped me find Age of Reptiles, an ongoing run of mini-series published by Dark Horse Comics and created by Ricardo Delgado.

These mini-series, taking place on this Earth well before humans were invented, contain no words.  These books are a nature study as brutal as nature itself.  While there have been a handful of these tales over a span of about 25 years, I happened to come across Age of Reptiles: The Journey; this run takes the reader on a trek with a large herd of many different types of dinosaurs migrating through treacherous terrain.

The art is detailed in these large panels, allowing Delgado to deliver every nasal puff, teeth chomp, and blood drip; however, there are also small bits of story embedded into the world that Delgado has created, giving the reader something to look at at both large and small scales (no pun intended).

This run is made for fans of dinosaurs and nature enthusiasts alike.

There’s really not a ton to say about Age of Dinosaurs.  It’s cool, wordless art that kills at depicting dinosaurs.  So, if that sounds like something someone in your life would dig, this might make a cool present that they might not have.  Dark Horse has collected three of these mini-series into an omnibus: Age of Reptiles Omnibus, Volume 1.  Add to your dino collection today!

Happy reading!


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