Graphic Novel Review 142/365: Think & Grow Rich

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You are going to get some fun ones this week because I just can’t even…

Title: Think & Grow Rich 

Author(s): Napoleon Hill illustrated by Joe Flood

Publisher: Smarter Comics (2011)

Age Rating: 13+

I’m not going to lie…I was looking for a book that I could do a smart-ass review on since I was still in a funk from yesterday, this past week, past month, year, etc., and on my classroom shelf, I came across a graphic novel adaptation of 1937’s Think & Grow Rich, at least at the time of this adaptations publication, 2011, still the best-selling self help book on money-making of all time.

And I thought, good…I’ll review a book that will help normal people of this nation achieve millions of dollars so that they won’t be affected by this terrible tax plan that the GOP has put forth.  You know, another stick it to the man post.  I like those.

So I start reading this book, and like most Who Moved My Highly Successful Cheese books, I caught the gimmick almost immediately, and I was planning out my satirical review about greed and hate and cheese!  And as I read further, I started the second phase of reading self-help books that I experience: man, this makes a lot of sense (although it’s nothing I haven’t heard before).  Then phase three: I can’t wait to give this brilliant book to everyone I know because by next week, I’M GOING TO BE A MILLIONAIRE!


Yep.  It got me.  I have to admit.  I dig the graphic novel adaptation of this dated book.  And it is dated.  Even adapted in 2011, they left in the idea that “when driven by [sexual] desire, men develop keenness of imagination, courage, willpower, persistence, and creative ability unknown at other times.”  Pretty much talking to men and men alone.  BUT, most of the good ideas are fairly universal, and the images of Joe Flood do bring most of the concepts into the 21st century.

The book took me out of my funk and has inspired me, at least for now, to be a positive version of myself that will work as much as possible to achieve my goals.  I may not become a millionaire by next week (my personal goal), but in the moment, I want to be better at being me, and the negativity needs to shed.  I’ll choose to be positive that the tax bill sucks and those that agree with me can share a laugh about it as we work together to fix what we find to be broken.

SmarterComics makes a bunch of these types of books, and I suggest that you check them out.  There may be one in there for you to find your own inspiration.  Because like 3x-U.S. Sumo Champion and Guinness World Record holder Kelly Gneiting, U.S. Marine said, “I recommend SmaertComics to anyone and any age – delightful to read, yet indeed Smart. I love ’em!”

That’s the only quote on the back of the book…seriously.  That’s funny.  SmarterComics, let me join the ranks of 3x-U.S. Sumo Champion and Guinness World Record holder Kelly Gneiting, U.S. Marine; I want to give you an amazing quote for a future book jacket for a future SmarterComics title.  Do you accept my challenge?  If this book has taught me anything, it’s that I must work toward my goals as adamantly as possible…getting a quote on your book is now my goal!

(Wait, just tried to find SmarterComics on the web…they look to be done, out of business, social media and everything.  Maybe the advice in this book isn’t so good after all.  Sorry, Kelly Gneiting, even you could not save them.)

I have no idea what’s going on.  Am I being punked?

Happy reading!


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