Graphic Novel Review 15/365: Brobots And The Kaiju Kerfuffle

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Welcome to day two of Oni Press Week!  This week I’ll be featuring reviews of a bunch of cool titles from the good folks over at Oni Press.

Get excited because I’m bringing you my first ALL AGES review of the 365 series!

Title: Brobots And The Kaiju Kerfuffle

Author: J. Torres and Sean Dove

Publisher: ONI Press (2016)

Rating: All Ages


Like most kids books, this graphic novel about three cute robots (Panchi, Joukei, and Kouro) that constantly call each other “Bro” is pretty silly.  The robots tell terribly awesome puns and assemble into a bigger robot in order to save the world!  In this graphic novel, the first in the series, the Brobots assemble to fight a giant Godzilla-like monster that ends up being a giant caveman-like dude that was cosplaying as a giant-like monster…oh, and he’s terrorizing the city!

I don’t have little ones, but I’d assume that this 37-page tale is a great length for story time, and the simplicity of the characters would allow for kids to attempt to replicate the characters (or maybe even create some new ones) for a fun activity!

I think kids will love the art.  It’s colorful and simple.  And even in its most intense moments, it’s never scary.  But don’t worry, older folks…this book has some treats for us too.  The puns I mentioned earlier are fun for all-ages, and if you are a fan of robots kicking butt, you’ll love it with the kids!


If you and your kids enjoy this book, you’ll be happy to know that there is currently a Brobots book two that is currently out and available through Oni Press.

Happy reading!


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