Graphic Novel Review 155/365: Easy Way

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Title: Easy Way 

Author(s): Christopher E. Long and Andy Kuhn

Publisher: IDW (2005)

Age Rating: 18+

Twelve years young, Easy Way is a graphic novel that should hold up pretty well in the years to come.  Stories about stealing drugs to get out of a jam and the consequences that follow usually do because drug lords don’t like their drugs stolen, and guns have not changed much over the past fifty years.

This is a fairly straight-forward tale of some guys stealing drugs to get out of their normal life and into something bigger and better, but as we know as trained readers of the genre, bad dudes that had their drugs stolen from them will be on the hunt, and this story is nothing new in that department.  There are a couple of cool elements about this book however.  The story, about a guy in rehab attempting to earn back his family’s respect, is actually penned by Christopher Long during a stint in rehab himself.  Also, the thieves steal a police dog to sniff out drugs to steal, so tossing a police dog into the mix is also pretty sweet.

There are a couple of small surprises in Easy Way, but overall, the simplicity of the colors (single color schemes) and the page layouts make this a straight-forward read.  Par for the course in this genre, but I’d say at just over 100 pages, you might be left wanting a bit more story.

Not for the kiddies, the dialogue and bloody violence keeps this book out of the classroom, but fans of the crime genre will dig the short pulp fiction.

Happy reading!


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