Graphic Novel Review 160/365: Night Trippers

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Title: Night Trippers 

Author(s): Mark Ricketts and Micah Farritor

Publisher: Image Comics (2006)

Age Rating: 17+

At a comic book store clearance sale, I stumbled across Night Trippers with a price tag of $5.00.  Quickly glancing through the pages, I knew the book would be a steal, even if the story was garbage…I loved the art in this book.

Geometric angels with exaggerated proportions and lighting, Night Trippers is a Gothic dream.  Add this to the fact that it’s about vampires in 1960’s England, and you have a recipe for a fandom.

Night Trippers gives fans of the genre a little something new to sink their teeth into while remaining familiar and not too outside of any box to turn fans away.  It’s a solid vampire story with dope art, and I loved it!  It doesn’t hurt that the vampire hunter (The Chelsea Killer as he’s called in the papers) is obsessed with Elvis, spouting Elvis lyrics as he brutally murders vampires.

My only criticism of the book is that we do not get as much background on our hunter as I would have liked; he’s great.  But this book has a lot of interesting characters, and I know comics are often limited by time, space, and issue run.  I have yet to research if Image comics did a follow up to this Night Trippers run, but if they did, or if they do, I hope we get more of The Chelsea Killer’s story.

Vampires.  London.  The 1960’s.  Record Industry.  Cosmetic Companies.

You dig any three of the above nouns, you’ll thank me once you’ve read Night Trippers.  Also, a form of The Beatles does appear in the book, so there’s that to look forward to as well.

Happy reading!


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