Graphic Novel Review 163/365: Tree Mail

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Title: Tree Mail  

Author(s): Brian Smith and Mike Raicht

Publisher: Dark Horse (2016)

Age Rating: All Ages

The past few posts have been rather heavy in content and overall nature.  Not today’s!

Today, we visit a world where mail is delivered by lazy birds, and one happy tree frog named Rudy wants to change the game and become the first non-bird mail delivery animal!  Created by Brian Smith and Mike Raicht, Tree Mail is a super fun book for all ages that was originally thought-up as a single issue comic.  When you read it, it makes sense.  A few of Rudy’s adventures feel a bit block-y in the overall feel of the story, so you will be able to tell what part of the adventure each issue was going to tackle.  Not that it bothers me.  And if you read it with kids or in class, there are natural breaks in the narrative.

The art is very cartoon-y, and kids will love the silly characters.  Rudy himself is a simple orange ball with big feet.  And his positive attitude and constant determination make him a character that any reader will root for.  Rudy teaches us all to work toward our dreams, even in the face of huge obstacles.  He very much reminds me of SpongeBob SquarePants; he’s almost impossible to deter once he has a goal in mind; he’s kind to everyone; and he doesn’t acknowledge much negativity.  If you have kids that love SpongeBob and are looking for a new character, pick up Tree Mail and introduce them to Rudy!

Happy reading!


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