Graphic Novel Review 171/365: A.D. After Death

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Happy New Year, everyone!  To celebrate the new year, I’m going to try and start things off right and keep this week focused more on what I would consider academic titles.  Higher level thinking type stuff.  Unlike that last sentence…


Title: A.D. After Death 

Author(s): Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire

Publisher: Image Comics (2017)

Age Rating: 17+

The creative team of Snyder and Lemire should excite you right off the bat, but some of you might not yet be familiar with these guys, so I’ll give you a pass, but if you take the plunge and read comics/graphic novels frequently, you’ll know that these guys are the real.  Personally, Jeff Lemire is in my top five artist/writers.

This book is epic.  It’s not a quick read.  Half prose and half traditional graphic novel, A.D. After Death tells the story of a man named Jonah that is part of a group of people that have taken a cure, causing them to basically live forever…or as long as they want to keep taking the treatment.

This one is hard to discuss because the book is about a ton of things.  Not just thematically, this book has a lot going on, and much of the unfolding of plot does not come until late second and third act.  Snyder and Lemire slow play this one a lot.  I was going into the last fifteen pages wondering if I was going to get any sort of resolution.  And it does not have a typical network television ending, so some readers will not like it.  But I will say that if you are in for the majority of the ride here, you should be satisfied with how it plays out.

Without giving you a point by point plot summary, let me at least tease some of the more important/interesting plot points:

-Our protagonist, Jonah, in his old life, was a professional thief.  Like big ticket stuff.  Think film heist type stuff.

-Jonah’s mother’s death has a large impact on the story, even though his ability to live for centuries has affected his memory.

-A dying girl with a disease that keeps her from aging is the key to a couple different plot points.

-Most of our characters live well above sea level because there is a death/disease that plagues the Earth level.

Well constructed and original, make this title your next book club selection, and discuss.  Invite me!  I want to talk about this one with some of y’all!  Especially the ending…

Happy reading!


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