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Welcome to day four of Oni Press Week!  This week I’ll be featuring reviews of a bunch of cool titles from the good folks over at Oni Press.

Today, we discuss The Tea Dragon Society!

tea dragon

Title: The Tea Dragon Society  

Author: Katie O’Neill

Publisher: ONI Press (2017)

Rating: All Ages

The Tea Dragon Society penned by acclaimed author and artist Katie O’Neill does not officially hit book shelves until October 31st of this year, but I was able to read an advance copy that I received at ALA last month, and I must say, it’s been the most feel-good read of the seventeen books that I’ve reviewed thus far.

This family-friendly tale that started as a web-comic that you can read here, follows our protagonist, Greta, as she discovers what it means to be loyal, trustworthy, honest, and true to oneself.  The art style is simple and cute, and there is no blockbuster conflict tossing our story into crazy tailspins.  What we have here is a nice story about honest situations and an amazing cast of characters.  I remember when I saw Frozen on opening night, I walked out of that theater saying…man, that soundtrack is golden; it’s going to sell a ton!  That’s how I felt right after reading this book, but not about the music, duh, it’s a book.  I’m talking about the Tea Dragons.  I want them all!  Little blind boxes, plushies, action figures, etc.  This book is a gold mine.  Kids will absolutely dig the story, but they will fall in love with the characters.  Don’t doubt me; check it out.  Here’s a Tea Dragon right here:


Dude, come on…right?  These little guys are outstanding!  And there are a bunch of them.  Like Pokemon, if they were cute Tea Dragons with leaves on their horns.

I don’t mean for the cuteness of the creatures to overshadow the story; it is powerful, and it has a lot to teach people about relationships and friendship.  It’s just exciting to think about the multiple avenues of success that this book can have.

Katie O’Neill recently did an interview with Comicosity about the book, and it can be found here.  Check it out for more on this great title!  Order this one for the kiddies and yourself.

Happy reading!


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