Graphic Novel Review 178/365: Black Canary Vol. 1 Kicking and Screaming

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You might have noticed that I have not reviewed a lot of DC Comics here on the 365 quest.  DC has never really been my thing.  I mean, I dig Batman, but that’s about where my DC reading road ends.  But that’s all about to change because until next Sunday, it’s a DC title a day!  Get ready!  If you do not have much exposure to DC titles, join the club and follow along as I dive right in…eleven days in a row.

DC Day One:

Title: Black Canary 

Author(s): Brenden Fletcher, Annie Wu, Pia Guerra, and Lee Loughridge

Publisher: DC Comics (2016 Vol. 1)

Age Rating: 13+

As this DC stretch unfolds, I will expand more upon my decision to focus this many days in a row on DC titles, but I can say that my first day’s inspiration comes from my classroom.  As I introduced my students to over 50 different titles this week, I told them that if there was something that they wanted to read that I did not have to let me know, and I’d get it if I could.  After a day, one girl asked me if I could get Black Canary from DC.  I had never heard of it, so today, I went and got it, read it, am going to review it, and tomorrow, I’ll give it to her so she can read it, and hopefully I’ll gain some points in her book; teachers overall will get some points in her book; and in the future, when she wants a book, she knows that it never hurts to ask the person in control of the books.  Win, win, win.

(insert better transition…that’s not getting inserted)

This Black Canary book is great.  At times, super stylized, just the right amount of funny, and action-packed.

This book is what I wanted out of my Jem and the Holograms.  Not that I didn’t like the Jem book…this one’s just got more grit.

Dinah Lance (D.D.) finds herself as lead singer of the band Black Canary, a four piece that shreds and can’t seem to stay out of fights with other bands and promoters.  Luckily for them, D.D. has some mad martial arts skills and can use her sonic voice power to get the band out of a number of run-ins.

There is a lot to discover in this book.  Why did D.D. get put with this band?  What happened with Bo M., their old lead singer?  Who is the little girl in the band, and why does she have literal demons chasing her?  Oh, and why doesn’t she talk?  And is D.D. married?!

And we do work our way through most of these questions as the trade unfolds.  Actually, it’s very well written.  Props to Brenden Fletcher for writing such a well-paced story that fits nicely into this seven issue trade.  The writing along with the art that seems to switch from pop, to pulp, to original, and extra-crispy takes an original tale and makes the reader feel comfortable because it’s not too far from the rock comics of our past, present, and future.

If this book is any indication of what I’m going to be getting out of DC over the next eleven days, bring…it…on!

Happy reading!


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