Graphic Novel Review 183/365: Dark Nights Metal

Today is blog 183 in a row which means that I am officially on the back end of my year!  Thank you for reading and for your support!  Please continue to motivate me through 2018!  You all are the best!

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You might have noticed that I have not reviewed a lot of DC Comics here on the 365 quest.  DC has never really been my thing.  I mean, I dig Batman, but that’s about where my DC reading road ends.  But that’s all about to change because until next Sunday, it’s a DC title a day!  Get ready!  If you do not have much exposure to DC titles, join the club and follow along as I dive right in…eleven days in a row.

DC Day Six:

Title: Dark Nights Metal  

Author(s): Various

Publisher: DC Comics (2017)

Age Rating: 17+

Right before break, a student came up to me with a stack of single issues and asked me if I had read them.  They were a bunch of Batman Dark Nights Metal issues, and they looked interesting, so I’d told him that I’d check them out over break, and I did get through a few of them.  The one pictured above is The Joker “Who Laughs” issue.  What I can gather is that each of the issues deals with an alternate universe where Batman for some reason is combined with a character from the DC Universe and becomes evil.  The art in the four books I read was great.  The stories were really dark.  But my biggest takeaway from the issues is this…below is the list of books that compile the tie-in:

You might not be able to see each individual issue on this list in the image above, but just Google “Dark Nights Tie In List,” and you’ll find it.  Point being, to get everything out of this Metal story, you have to track down all of these single issues, and even then, you might not have enough info of the DC Universe to grasp the whole concept.

Events like this can be cool for the hard-core fan, but they can scare the hell out of the casual reader, and I’m guessing those of you with little to no hero book experience, if given a few of these issues by a student, would not only be freaked out, but you’d be lost and might think that all hero books are this convoluted.  They are not, but you’d be right to think so.

Marvel does the same thing.  Every big comic company is guilty of the over-complicated event book run.  You just need to make sure that you have a friend like me in the wings that you can go to to calm you down, take the book from you, and offer you a hero book with less baggage.  I’m like a matchmaker for people and comics!  You should see me pair kids with books in my classroom!  It’s like magic…

So beware the event books, people!  Take in only what you are prepared for, and find your matchmaker friend if you are serious about finding a new relationship with hero comics.

Happy reading!


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