Graphic Novel Review 186/365: Aquaman Vol. 1: The Drowning

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You might have noticed that I have not reviewed a lot of DC Comics here on the 365 quest.  DC has never really been my thing.  I mean, I dig Batman, but that’s about where my DC reading road ends.  But that’s all about to change because until Sunday, it’s a DC title a day!  Get ready!  If you do not have much exposure to DC titles, join the club and follow along as I dive right in…eleven days in a row.

DC Day Nine:

Title: Aquaman Vol. 1: The Drowning

Author(s): Dan Abnett, Scot Eaton, Brad Walker, and Philippe Briones

Publisher: DC Comics (2016)

Age Rating: 13+

I’m not going to lie; when I put the Aquaman book in my stack of DC titles for the week I was both excited and nervous.  I mean, there is this idea out in the universe that Aquman is sort of lame, but knowing that, I had faith that DC would kill it with this title, and they did.  They also address that Aquaman is the most made fun of member of the Justice League right in the opening of the comic.  They also address just how much ocean is out there, and how much more difficult his job is, policing 2/3 of the planet, basically by himself, at all times.  Take that, Batman!

This Rebirth trade covers six issues of the new Aquaman run, and while the art is pretty consistent with the new DC Rebirth Universe stuff, the story here is top notch.  There is a ton of political intrigue in this book; I was not expecting it.  Early in the book, a terrorist attack destroys the Atlantian Embassy on U.S. soil, and all Atlantians, including Aquaman and his Queen are forbidden to enter their own U.S. Embassy, and quickly after, when a rogue group of sea-dwellers attacks a U.S. Navy vessel, Aquaman is held captive by the U.S. for possibly plotting terrorist actions.

I don’t want to spoil much more of the book, but when stuff really hits the fan, the U.S. calls in Superman to put a stop to Aquaman…damn.  Stuff gets raw!  I’ll give credit to writer Dan Abnett for this script.  So far, I’m putting this Aquaman at the top of the nine DC titles that I’ve reviewed this week for the political intrigue alone.  You might look at the titles that I’ve done this week and disagree with me, but I had these pages turning quicker that any of the books that I have thus read this week.

I wish I was a better swimmer…

Happy reading!


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