Graphic Novel Review 192/365: Singularity 7

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Hey, all!  No special theme this week, just some cool books that I’ve been waiting to tell you about!

Title: Singularity 7 

Author(s): Ben Templesmith

Publisher: IDW (2010)

Age Rating: 17+

Originally published in a four issue run, this IDW collection includes an add-on story and some cool Templesmith concept art in the back matter.

If you are a fan of horror, then you’ve probably seen some Ben Templesmith art.  The dude is a master of the macabre.  His 30 Days of Night art still haunts me years later (I’ll review that book later in the year, so yeah, get ready).  So when people see a project by Templesmith, if they are fans, and he has many, they usually get excited.

Singularity 7 is a short-read journey about a collection of micro-organisms that come to Earth, infect a random guy, and then he basically gets the ability to control…well, EVERYTHING, as long as these micro-organism bots infect his brain.  There is, however, a resistance, a group of people not affected by the organisms, as most of humanity has been.  These special individuals are humanity’s last hope.  They must work together to destroy the origin of this calamity or fall to its power.

Yes, the story is good and all, but this is, again for me, one of those books that works because of the art.  I found the beginning of the first act interesting, and the last few pages are interesting, but the middle and inside edges of act one and two are driven by creepy, ominous, art.

And you know what?  That’s what I want out of my Templesmith horror.  Bookend me with something interesting, and get to the strange lines, non-human human shapes, and dark background washes.

A bunch of F-Bombs, and a lot of gore, so be warned, but Singularity 7 delivers in its fever dream.

Happy reading!


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